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#61809 Posted at 2009-08-16 19:26        

This addon was created as a vehicle for me to learn config editing, it's purpose is simply to add the Chernarus National Police faction to the independent side. Created to fill a gap left by the civilian police added by BIS, they are intended as a simple addition for mission makers looking for a more useful police officer.

It adds three units at the moment, although I'm planning to add more in the future:

Police Officer - chrn_plce1
Police Marksman - chrn_plce_mrksmn
Senior Police Officer - chrn_snrpofficer

I have experienced no bugs in my testing, but I'm only one person, so if anyone finds any please let me know.

To fix:
The unit icons are currently that of the Guerilla faction, I'm still a beginner, and I'm looking into how I can add custom icons unique to these units.