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#62430 Posted at 2009-08-22 08:24        
What does the "talk" waypoint do?

Answer :
 The talk waypoint is used in conversations.Usually, a certain Voice is selected in the Effects tab of the talk waypoint or the talk waypoint should be like that...
So that the unit will stay there until the given line/voice completes,once the voice is completed , the unit will proceed its next waypoint.

What does the "Support" waypoint do?

Answer :
The support waypoint is a special waypoint which SHOULD only be used with units/vehicles that are able to SUPPORT.They are medics(unit),Ambulance,Repair Trucks,Refuel Trucks , and Ammo Trucks...
The waypoint work this way :
If you placed a repair truck, and do a "support" waypoint for it, the truck will move to any unit on the map who request "repair" (only vehicles will request repair) also, the player can request a medic if there is a medic with a "support" waypoint on the map.

NOTE : AI units will request medic,repair, or refuel automatically if they need and there is a unit that is able to support them (WITHOUT the need of SUPPORT waypoints) and if the supporting units is a static (an unmanned ammo truck or a field hospital), then the unit requesting it will move to the supporting unit.

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