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#63025 Posted at 2009-08-28 00:01        
AD, looking good, getting the DL now. When we testing these mama jammas? RJ is back and JY is kicking my ass to play.

jones9470 : looks sweet, just curious about the units and their weapons that are in the helis, never seen them before..

Some of them you're not going to see. As AD said, the weapons and some of the unis are "in-house" stuff he and I have developed going back to VBS1. He did much of the character modeling (and a fine job and the CIRAS, especially, I must say), some of the weapons modeling and some of the textures. I built a few things here and there and did some texture work and configged many of the weapons and our personal units. The guy in the ACU with the ball cap and sunglasses is me in this pic One of my personal units in-game.

Sorry, AD, not trying to threadjack.