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US Forces attack Mogilevka, play as an A10 pilot or a AH-1Z Pilot providing air support to troops on the ground. However, if you want you can play as aprt of a 7 man assault squad who will infiltrate from the South. We have friendlies on the North East and West of Mogilevka. By default, you will start as the A-10 pilot but you can change if need be to AH-1Z pilot of infantry.


An unknown amount of Russian Anti-Air, be careful.
Many T72 tank, T90 and BTR + APC.
The US teams have many Anti-tank infantry, with the use of air support the armour shouldn't be a problem.
Many Russian infantry, around 6 times the number of US forces. However US forces are all highly trained, wheres ah Russians aren't.

Mogilevka Assault

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