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#64308 Posted at 2009-09-07 19:15        
BloodnGuts : Woh, beautiful textures Daveygary, I love the fact there's some part in different color, that make the chopper looks so real, really great job !!!

yes i agree! i even added different shades of blue and grey to my seahawks( )..probly cant tell the difference tho! but once i release them ill make them more detailed like daveygary's ones!

@daveygary..maby you could fix mine up should be easy as i have the same textures as what AD had(the original seahawk ones you updated!) your textures are very realilistic and you added the detail i was trying to go for, and i hope you wouldnt mind fixing mine a lil bit too after i release them?

P.S. AD..i got another version of my seahawks updated that i wanted to give to you also! and soon it will have torpedo' il talk to you later about it! also if theres anything else i can help you with, im here like always to help

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