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#64644 Posted at 2009-09-11 07:39        
Some good tips in those posts, thanks. I can't get into the BiStudios forums to post, I request a password reset but never get the email. I also emailed support but have never received an answer.

Anyway, I've restarted the campaign after I patched the game and from what I've seen there ARE improvements. But there are still a LOT of improvements that could be made :/

I think some of my issues come from not understanding how the command menu works. We don't see this until much later in the campaign (the second half)? I mean, I have never found one of my units with NVG. And if I did how would I get the NVG off him? (normally I would just shoot him and take his gear).

Sideline; Does anyone know where I can go to understand the command menu? I've never found commands such as "request money", "send money", "Request assistance" etc... to work.
And why are options like a chopper base etc. not available to you?

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