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#65381 Posted at 2009-09-20 04:54        
horrgakx : Thanks for that, I'm still a little 'in the dark' though.

I'm on Dogs of War again now (1st mission). NVG is not in my inventory and doesn't seem to be an option for me to buy.
Is my only option now to find an enemy with NVG??

And about 'dropping' the NVG as you outlined above, does he just drop them on the ground and I have to find them?

Last question, is this a mission where you can get choppers and stuff? Have never been able to drive some proper hardware in this campaign and its about time I did :/

When "dropping" it is left at the soldiers feet, so just go over to pick it up, and I did test it pilot units do have nvg in there inventory.

You "should" be able to get any unit or vehicle that you have the cash for, you just need the right building built.