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#65619 Posted at 2009-09-22 18:26        
I have been dying to try out this mission, was following development and I just recently had the time to install and try it..

Except when I load in the only helicopter around is an Mi-8. I looked around, reloaded the different versions of the mission, still no Little Bird. Curious, I went into the editor and placed an AH-6 myself. Loaded it up and I was flying it fine.

I think this might have something to do with cyborg's update to Little Birds. Did it break your mission, or am I just missing something completely obvious? I apologize if my sleep-deprived mind is failing me.

If I can get this mission working, I'll be extremely eager to give you some feedback. So far I can say that you have a great thing going and even though I didn't get to fly I still felt immersed in the story behind your mission.