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PMC Rugen v1.2 25km european terrain ported from OFP.

This is PMC Rugen terrain addon from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA. This is european Everon & Nogova themed terrain of 25km x 25km size, there is roads, airbase, airstrip, several industrial sites, harbors, cities, villages and two army bases. Refer to the original OFP release topic here.

This new version includes save game bug fixed.

This terrain uses few extra addons, these are AGS Industrial Pack, AGS Harbor Pack and PMC OFP objects.

Please post feedback if any bugs are found so I can fix them. If no feedback or critical bug reports are sent, this will be the final release for ArmA.

Download - 99.5mb.
Mirror 1:
All mirrors are very much appreciated, thank you.

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