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#66384 Posted at 2009-10-03 10:28        

Replaced all standard infantry except speznaz MVD (Vitaz). Airborne Svpetsnaz dressed in "birch" (KLMK). Others in 6B13. Snipers in Gili I will not be replaced.

Required Infantry addon by Villas and P'85.
And my Repleysment of Soviet Infantry. Install as any other addons.

Soon I'm going to add to my repleysment weapons from Vilas.
- What is repleysment addon?
Repleysment addon is an addon replaces on the client machine modeles of soldiers, vehicles or weapons. So to make it work, its presence on the server do not need. The correct repleysment will be fully compatible with online gaming and not cause any desinhrons and other problems.
- What is the correct repleysment?
In my concept it is repleysment which replaces only tekstures and models, without changing the parameters of the power weapons, reserve soldiers (boots worse noticed a soldier in Gili than conventional fighters) are not added to the optics on the weapon which has not, and do not alter the size of vehicle (or better just do not do replaces it). This is purely my opinion, but it avoids the potential problems in the MP.

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