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#67175 Posted at 2009-10-14 22:44        
I'm making an "I am Legend" type Mission with yomies, I have it to they spawn at night and stop at a certain period in the day, However I'm a little bit stuck.

I made a hint for when the zombies come out it says "The Infected are coming out, get to a safe place and fast" and it activates at 0 or greater. I also have a trigger that activates at 4 or greater it says "The sun is rising and the infected have gone back to hide, you have a few hours to build protection"

Is there a way to make my first trigger only go off during a certain persiod not "0 'or greater' " but just 0, so that way at 10 o' clock in the morning it doesn't say " the infected are coming blah blah blah?"

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