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Well for starters i greatly respect vilas' opinion and his input. We have worked together a great deal along the way and i consider vilas to be a great supporter of PRACS.

he is right. I do like to stick to the story line of what we have always done in the past. In this case i want to "moderize" the RACS to an extent because thats how we presented them in Arma1. Obviously this is later in the story line so some of that modernization has already taken place. Just today i was messing around with the trucks on Utes and i realized that if i changed the color of them to a more green toned cammo then they would actully be losing ther identity. So instead of changing thier colors i decided to add more green to to the distinctive Sahrani pattern to make them slightly more suitable.

I put a lot of heart and soul into this project. At times when i should be studying i find myself wandering in thought to how i want my army to be. Every addon I choose goes into careful consideration. Every variant I make is thouroughly gamed out as to how best make it fit. I took alot of flak from vilas on a couple occasions because i used russian hardware to fill a gap in the order of battle. I take this greatly to heart because as one of my peers in the comunity i want to know how the mod is percieved. If its bad then no one will use it. This is why i ask people ot suggest what they would like to see. Alot of good ideas have been posted here and some really aweful ones as well. I like to know what you want to see because i can take that into account as i finalize decisions. You will notice i never actually do what people tell me to do. Yet at times i let the requests greatly influence final decisions.

Moral of the story is dont be afraid to make suggestions. Dont get your feelings hurt if i do not respond to them. Project RACS will continue to follow the natural progression of the original roots we planted in Arma1.

I picked the g3 for my rifle because it fits and i like it. The marines are going to be coming in with wonderful FALs that vilas was so kind to provide. I like those too. It fits my common ammo theme im moving too. Working perfectly into my modernization and logistical improvements. PRACS has never been and never will be just another M4 or a jerk with a G36 cause it looks cool mod. ( PS vilas when i read M4 helo kitty i nearly pissed myself laughing so hard)

Oh one more thing, the DMS is going to be the MSG-1. Is basically a cheapened up version of the PSG-1 based off the G3.

something to wet your appeties a lil..... the M-266 57mm AA gun :) and the type 74 twin AA gun. Both have fully working recoils :)

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