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#68374 Posted at 2009-10-31 14:52        
Gurk : [quote]wld427 :
as for SAM alunchers the SA6 will make a comeback in the armored pack. sibly an SA8, SA3 and a NASAMS.

What about Rapier Field Standard A/B with Blindfire Radar? Not the new version but the older version? that would be a "modern" SAM launcher upkeeping with the modernising? In my opinion it would be a good alternative to the SA6.

RKSL is doing rapier in all its glory. Again no need to be duplicating addons. The SA6 is a very very widely exported item. Several NATO countries even sell updated sets and missiles as well. As recently as the Russo-Georgian war the SA-6 was bringing state of the art aircraft out of the sky. Its something we already have and i would like to stick with it. I also have the SA-8 from OFP in Arma2 and it looks very nice. Not sure if it will make it into the wheeled pack or not.

Those will be the old launchers. Im working on a NASAMS for use as a static launcher as well as on the 8x8 platform

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