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#71614 Posted at 2009-12-18 19:27        
good to hear ADuke! and of corse im here if you need me!

@Jak107 yeah mate its alot more work then that! first you dont use models of soldiers, you use proxys(flat triangles) that are positioned exactly where you want a guy to be, then you define(in the config) his position type(ei. uh60_cargo01)! well atleast thats the basics, just wanted to give you an idea so incase you ever wanna try this stuff for your self;)

p.s. aduke speaking of cargo seating and stuff, i know you busy but have you looked more inot the SF 4x4 trucks i sent you(the ones me and you were working on along time ago i if not no worrys mate i understand your busy, just wanted to know if when i get my new rig, if you wnat to continue them with me, even or by your self? i just love the work you do on them!

good day,

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