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#72299 Posted at 2009-12-28 09:17        
here some pictures of PedagneMOD work. The screen-pictures are captured from Arma 2 setted at low

resolution level - this is what allow the actual pc. Over some screen-photo by Eschi captured in Arma 1.
The soldiers and vehicles, that you can see are the upgrade of the soldiers maded for Arma 1.
This because the work is directed to make a release where the models are good for both Arma, and two

specific config files are adapted to the specific version of ARMA.
My thought goes to the many guys that can't buy a new computer-machine that supported Arma 2, exspecially

with this crisis...
Many bugs (must part in vehicles, than in soldiers) still must be eliminate, but some guys joined to the

PedagneMOD work, to help me to reach as soon as possible the final release.
The credits will be showed...
Now some tons of pictures.

...a group of mountain troops (Alpini of Taurinense Brigade), that are searching some bit of snow.

...two desert camo soldiers that are lost the way.

...a recon patrol of Navy commando.

...a patrol-guard around a contemporary air-vehicles.

...a combat patrol of Specil Forces, some years ago. action of public order.

...a patrol-guard around a column of vehicles of 1990 age.

...a patrol-guard around a column of contemporary vehicles.

...a landing of Rgt San Marco, some years ago.

...a view (by eschi) of some choppers landed in Saharani airport (NH90 edited by the afrographix model)