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Version 1.1 Release


Addon Name: Royal Danish Army
Version: 1.1
By: Aeneas2020
OFPEC Tag: A2020
Contact: pm me via the BI forums

a2020_danedes.pbo = Danish Desert Flecktarn

a2020_danemix.pbo = Danish Mixed Uniform

a2020_danetmp.pbo = Danish Green Flecktarn

a2020_danesf.pbo = Danish Special Forces (Green and Desert Variants)

Known Bugs and issues:
Not 100% accuate these are just simple retextures of stock BI Models.

MG51 Credits
Credit for the MG51 Included in this pack must be given to the SWM Swiss Armory Mod Team Including:

A big thanks to all the guys on the BI forums who supported this little addon. Especially to the Danes and the DDAM, SWM and BW Mods.

Changelog V1.1
Added Special Forces units, Green, Desert and Direct Action guys.
Made M84 Flecktarn more accurate.
Worked on all underlying grey scales and camo textures to make them sharper and stand out more.
Weathered all units to make sure they looked used.
Added Danish Flags to unit sleeves.
Blacked boots for M84 units.
Edited Configs so that weapon loudout is now more accurate.
Created "Squads" in the group menu that now accurately reflect a Danish 6 man squad. (THANKS BINARY!!!!)
Several other misc items that i have forgotten about now!


Simply extract the .pbo you want into your Arma\Addons or other mod folder. Or use the mod folders method (preferred).


By downloading this content you agree to the following End User License Agreement:

1) Ownership and Permissions.
1.1 The content of the download is sole intellectual property of Aeneas2020
1.2 You shall in no way modify, repackage or reserve engineer any of the content of the .pbo files included in this download, without first receiving prior permission from Aeneas2020
1.3 You agree with this EULA that, should you modify said content without permission or otherwise breach this EULA, you are liable to prosecution in a UK Court of Law, under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act, 1988.
1.4 This content is provided for entertainment purposes. You may not use this addon for commercial, military or teaching/training purposes.

2) Distribution.
2.1 You may distribute the .pbo files within this download freely, so long as the .pbo files are unmodified (see 1.2), and the Readme File, including this EULA, is attached.

p.s. foxhound if/when you host this file can you remember to do a thumbnail (really not meaning to be sarcy just asking :D) danke matey!