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#72899 Posted at 2010-01-06 12:36        
Quite epic pack you got there. A few things, though. We don't use any semi-automatic rifle for designated marksmen, we use bolt action SAKO TRG 42s. So the M21 feels misplaced. And as far as I know, all our C7s and C8s comes with ELCAN sights, so the M16s should have ACOGs to give that feeling. And just for balancing, i know that there's a bug that allows the M16s (and all other 5.56 weapons, for that matter) to use the 100 round C-mag for the G36 and XM8, even though it still displays a 30 round STANAG. Just so the LSW guy got the firepower he needs to be a LSW guy and not just some lad with a ACOG'd M16.

Sorry if i ramble a lot. I just like to ramble. It makes me feel like people listen to me. People never listen to me :(