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#73862 Posted at 2010-01-22 15:15        
Flaxpants : Great stuff Charon! Thanks for working so hard and letting others like me get loads of enjoyment from your efforts. Bravo!

I'm fairly new to all this editor stuff, and trying to find info can be difficult as most folk on these forums seem to be fairly advanced in their use of it. I have a few very basic usage questions if anyone has the time...sorry
-I'm presuming the zombie module and the infected module are pretty much the same apart from the speed of the creatures produced?
-If I just place these on a map in the editor will they will spawn undead indefinately, or do I need to place enough civilians for them to infect? Is the zombie count dependent on the food count?
-Do non infected characters only become zombies after having been killed by a zombie/infected character, or is it like an airbourne virus?
-What would be a simple starting point in the editor for a clueless person like me to have fun with this?

I have downloaded the new version of the missions without the addon requirement, so I can have a look at those this weekend which should help me a bit. Cheers,

Please look into the demo missions in part3 of the download. All you need to know is in there.
Place a module and minimum one zed and food for him. That`s it