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#74737 Posted at 2010-02-04 20:56        
What I mend was though throughout the scripts, not only or nothing to do with the AI_TownDefense.sqf. That only defines the RACS.

I mend the two teams, west and east. Its both scripted through the client and server side.

To fix it you probably have to set it back to a few units, probably the crew and pilot are most important. And used the most.
But also the standard soldier, on both sides.

But in any case, which mission specifically were you referring to? I'll check. Lets see if we can make it work. :D

But I have a question. About the biggamehunter v128 version.
How did you do that 64 team ai on each side? Because just adding it in the editor for example and InitMission.sqf gives always an error of the last ai, 64, and on the other team exactly at the time the commander is selected.