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#74783 Posted at 2010-02-05 16:30        
fdnnet : What I mend was though throughout the scripts, not only or nothing to do with the AI_TownDefense.sqf. That only defines the RACS.

I mend the two teams, west and east. Its both scripted through the client and server side.

To fix it you probably have to set it back to a few units, probably the crew and pilot are most important. And used the most.
But also the standard soldier, on both sides.
Yes I know the error had to do with the East & West Town Defense teams, the error would always roll around during that time.

fdnnet : But in any case, which mission specifically were you referring to? I'll check. Lets see if we can make it work. :D
Right now let's not dwell on it. I got something better! Get the Invasion 1944 D-day 1.1 mod, when you install it remove the "i44_base_editor.pbo" and server key found in the "@I44" (Delete or save it, just remove it from your Addons folder!) Then download this and put it in you MPmissions: (hold up)(I still have to setup the AI Teams)(Its Extremely experimental right now cause I need mostly price changes balance stuff and other things are not ready!) (OLD) (Butt load of fixes :P) (OLD) (The Final Test Version Now it's playable. I44 blocked a lot of original BIS Addons to make I44 seem more like a Standalone mod.)

--(New Version coming soon! Adjusted weapon Prices, Greater French Men (Resistance) Skills, Better AI Teams, Improved Defense Prices, and Barrack Prices (East & West). Removed all the incomplete Vehicles and one tank that constantly showed errors. I fixed FF Studios Bf109 1.01 addon.)

I could use your help to fix any of the create unit error messages.

100% of all (Playable [non-static]) Vehicles and Weapons should be in the Warfare mode. The Game will run like it's supposed to but It'll show create unit errors which I need to track down. (Main update thread 02/07/2010)

fdnnet : But I have a question. About the biggamehunter v128 version.
How did you do that 64 team ai on each side? Because just adding it in the editor for example and InitMission.sqf gives always an error of the last ai, 64, and on the other team exactly at the time the commander is selected.
:) This is the first time I've been asked about that mission before! Well It's really easy to do, or very time consuming. If you look directly inside of the mission.sqm file you'll see the Playable AI amount has been extended ALL THE WAY TO 64 on each team. At the time I didn't know much about Arma and how to work it, but I always new how code worked. I manually edited the mission.sqm file (Which took a hella long time [Thank God for copy, paste, cut, and replace!]) But you can easily implement that the easy way by following this method.

1: Open the Warfare game mode you want (Plain 1.1b for instance) and copy (double) the grouped east and west teams. Make sure you set them to playable, then name the new ones accordingly: WestSlot17, WestSlot18, WestSlot19... WestSlot32, etc.

Do the same for the east side!

2: Here's the more tricky part but nothing a little copy and replace can't solve. Open your "InitMission.sqf" go to where it says:
//Advanced squads
eastTeams = [Group EastSlot1,...,Group EastSlot16];
eastSlots = [vehicleVarName EastSlot1,...,vehicleVarName EastSlot16];

All you have to do is extend this all the way to the number of max units you want on each. so If it was 32 players on each side to make 64 both east and west should have 32 slots. If you have done one row of east just copy to another notepad document and replace east with west.

That's all I think you need to do.

I went all the way to 128 for the hell of it, warfare was really a Huge war after that...

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