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#74926 Posted at 2010-02-07 05:25        
Ok I'm back; Which warfare mod have you played so far?

fdnnet : I can't find the error yet. I did find that its missing an original crew or only crew member. I saw 2 tank crews and all that but not the original "WCREW" for example.

The weapons though are horrible. Can't shoot, can't hit and the recoil is crazy. :D

Yes I tried that with the 128 but it always gives that error at the start. But nvm.

You were talking about the Warfare 1944 mod right? Explain what you mean by the original "WCREW"; because I just changed the units and left the original variables so I won't mess with any tied scripts or functions. I also made new ones for the Warfare 1944 mod. It might be the AI Teams Config that begins the error. I'm going to revise the AI teams config file.