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#74986 Posted at 2010-02-07 18:20        
I actually have it right here:
_v = _v + ["WCREW"]
_u = _u + ["I44_Man_A_Army_Crew_M1911A1"]
_d = _d + [Localize "STR_DN_Man_A_Crew_M1911A1"]
_c = _c + [50]
_t = _t + [2]
_p = _p + [2]
_i = _i + ["\Ca\characters\data\Ico\i_null_CA.paa"]

Here's the latetest version of Warfare 1944:

I'll PM you everything else though I need to make the rest of the AI Teams. Tell me how you like the game, I could use suggestions.

EDIT: I going to update all my Warfare missions with new fixes and continue on making Warfare maps for the rest of the ACE Island Pack.

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