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hmm the XM8 was canceled in rl too right? does anyone know why?

first of all XM-8 is in game already, 4 variants
found in google about XM8 :

It was field-tested in Iraq and they came back with alot of problems for it. I know the handguards were having overheating problems. I'd say the biggest reasons for it's cancellation have to do with the fact that it didn't use STANAG magazines or the picatinny rail system that are standard on pretty much every weapon we have. The bigger reason is that Colt made a giant political fuss over a German company beating it in competition. Colt realized they were going to lose a giant amount of money and complained to the congressmen they have paid off, who in turn pressured Army logisitics to hold off on the XM-8 project. Any kind of acquisition program for the military is PLAGUED with corruption, bribes, and incompetance. Always has been, always will be

you know once upon a time Polish army canceled program of our own jeep becuse one General get free to use Mercedes G and later army bought such cars and canceled order for buying national-production car
other program for our own APC was canceled when we bought Patria, many people lost jobs in my country
other example : we make submachinegun better than UZI, more accurate, we had it since 1985 but for unknown reasons it was not ordered, produced
in early 90s we ordered UZI for Police "why?" and later in mid 90s production of our submachinegun started finally and army was equipped

maybe if this quote found on discussions is true, than maybe "canceled because not Colt" in my country national-production is not important for rulers, ministers (no lobby of state-manufacture vs. corruption from outside country) in your country there is big national lobby (and i think it is good, cause own manufacturer earn money and local workers have jobs ) ?
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