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#78557 Posted at 2010-03-28 01:37        
How do i make exploding barrels?


Step 1: Create a barrel in the editor

Step 2: Give the barrel a unique name (eg "barrel_1" )

Step 3: Create a trigger next to the barrel (for convenience) with this in the condition line

not alive barrel_1

then in the activation line put;

Bomb="SH_125_HE" createVehicle position barrel_1;

(this detonates a 125mm shell at the barrels location. You can change the shell type/size by changing the "SH_125_HE" to any other that you want. A list can be found here. You could even make a GBU12 explode from the barrel if you want!)

and your done! Now if you shoot or do anything that "kills" the barrel, a 125mm shell will explode from inside the barrel. The barrel will then burn for a while.