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#78997 Posted at 2010-04-02 19:20        
Hallo comm!

I was taking a look to the ArmA default campaign (Armed Assault 1) and i've found some files in it that i didn't know what they were for...

The 1st: $PBOPREFIX$ --- what is it and what's for?
2nd: stringtable.cvs --- when i opened it with the notepad, inside there were the names of the missions and the auxiliary operations...
3rd: Description.ext --- i know what a descripttion's for, but this one i do not... Inside it was a 'class campaign' and the missions, i think... but what's it for?
4th: overview.html --- i know what's for ¬¬, but i was wondering, how could they make that the picture in it, fit to the whole mark of the overview space?

and i belive its all... I'm making a campaing that's really taking time and brain (a LOT of brain) and i'd really appreciate someone that knows some sort of Guide that explains how to make a campaign, and about those files, to pass the guide ;)