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#80276 Posted at 2010-04-22 19:28        
Hi everyone,

I need serious help, been trying for a week whenever i get free time. The problem is i installed ace the 1st time when i bought ARMA 2 on steam and it worked fine. But after that it started playing up after a certain ACE update on sixupdater, so i uninstalled everything and installed it again. And this time when i try to install ace mod through sixupdater, i get a message saying No valid Arma installation folder found...please abort!

I have installed ARMA 2 patch 1.05
I have tried changing the paths in the configurations/settings on sixupdater to my installation folder i.e. C/programs/steam/steam apps/common/arma 2
I have searched nearly all forums with this particular problem, but had no result

I have wasted alot of my spare time trying to fix this problem and so i came here as a last resort.
Please someone help me.