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The French army composition is not easy to descibe and is rather different from the American army. Moreover there is a lot of difference between theory and what you see in the battlefield.

Basically from the bottom to the top:

1) Two "fire teams" per combat group: the 300m team and the 600m team (the numbers describe the engagement distance)

2) 3 combat groups per combat section + 1 commanding group + 1 support group

3) 3 combat sections + 1 commanding section + 1 support section

4) There is no platoon level in the French Army organization because the French section is equivalent to the US platoon. The word platoon (peloton) is still used for the French Armor unit, equivalent in size to an infantry section.

5) The company level

The composition is adaptable at the section level according to the section type (wheeled, tracked or VBL)

In practice, a combat section consists of 39 men:

3 Combat groups (21 men):

- 1 group leader (sergent). I'm using the French military ranks

300m team: (effective range of the team's weapons)

- 1 team leader (caporal or caporal-chef) (Famas Aimpoint)
- 2 AT4 CS launchers (+Famas)

600m team:

- 1 team leader (Famas J4)
- 1 Minimi gunner
- 1 LGI soldier - Individual Grenade Launcher (+Famas)

Vehicle crew :

- 1 radio gunner (gunner seat)
- 1 driver

1 Commanding group (5 men):

- 1 section leader (lieutenant)
- 1 SOA (non-commissioned officer)
- 1 radio operator
- 2 marksmen (FR-F2)

1 Support group (5 men):

- 1 group leader
- 2 Eryx launchers
- 2 Eryx ammo bearers

4 Armored vehicle crew (8 men)

- 1 radio gunner
- 1 driver

Every soldier in the combat group has a Famas.

There are 3 combat sections in a platoon + 1 commanding section + 1 support section (mortars and Milan).

COS are Spec Ops soldiers, COS is equivalent to USSOCOM.

I don't know about the Leclerc.

More information on equipment: Wikipedia

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