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#81090 Posted at 2010-05-03 05:33        
RoDeX : Thanks every one, its good to see such good posts as you all gave us :)

Hi, thanks for the post, let me talk about the notes:
1. Yea i made a mistake in the apache, two guys allready laughed at us in the youtube post:blush
2. We dont have the experience of modeling. so we just reskined. but let me tell you, i didnt think about the fact the the IAF operates with the single engine one. but as i said, we cant model, we dont know how. we started to learn but we dont have much time, my friend goldenfiver going to IDF soon :)
3. We reskin all the choppers/planes that in service, or went out from service. all we can.
4. We wrote Fall because thats the name we gave. you say it should be Full?

Thank you all again! ;)

Hi again!

4. If you meant fall as in the time of year before winter then it is OK. But if you meant full as in "a full house" then there is a spelling mistake. Anyway, the professional term for this camouflage is "Gillie suite".

Darkhorse : Where did you get the Cobra model? Unless the rotors are folded it is an AH-1W, whereas the ArmA 2 model is an AH-1Z. The Whiskey has 2 blades, the Zulu has 4.

Yes that what made me think that you indeed change the model as well as reskined it because ArmA 2's Cobra has 4 rotors and not 2 as in your model.

Good luck in the IDF for Goldenfeaver :)

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