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#85151 Posted at 2010-07-05 11:47        
I'm very impressed, the game feels very polished, slick almost. Us ArmA fans have been loving this game for years but have always had to put up with some stuff. This is the first game release that I don't have to make excuses for when showing it to a non ArmA player. My m8's in my clan that think I'm a little odd for playing ArmA:1 and then ArmA:2 the ones that have bought this and are loving it.

Being an ArmA player has at times been like "death from a thousand cuts". Well Operation Arrowhead has had loads of little fixes. Nothing big that you can put your finger on just lots of little things the make a whole lot of difference. You still get hair pulling situations, Screaming at your squad "just get in the damn truck!" but no the tree they are all walking around is far more interesting. There are a couple of thing I would still like to see, Number one on that list is to be able to reprimand my troops. Come on they are soldiers you should be able to shout at them from time to time. "Stop dicking about and just get in the truck! WE NEED TO GET THE F*&% OUT OF HERE! MOVE!"