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#85521 Posted at 2010-07-08 22:20        
# taco3866521 : I checked out the Rohmadi sample map. how would i go about unpacking the .WRP file so i would be able to edit it?

Well dude , what u need its unpack the u can use this program tool_pboview_1_voyager .PBO after that open the data
then , take the textures u want , then ull need the RVMAT file , i dont know why but i couldnt see , if u use the windows searcher
if u chose the textture for example pole 1 , type pole o nthe searcher "search tool " of windows , and ull see the pole1.RWMAT end of the story

and yeah iahve the same problem of the 10 20 40 ... no 50
here it says that it gotta be 40 40

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