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#86989 Posted at 2010-07-28 20:21        
# Evil_Echo : Actually - it is safer to use the API functions I wrote for the ruck system to pack/unpack items vs. doing setVariable calls. That way if the code underneath changes you are protected - which could very well happen as ACE continues to evolve.

I know the wagn system is difficult for some to use, one reason I brought up a wiki - as an alternate source of information. But you have to realise that I'm doing that on my own when I can, so wagn is what I recommend to new people as first place to look.

I do try to keep opinion separate from facts, but note well that I am a former member of ACE. Meaning that my connections with the team are limited by mutual agreement and all that entails.

Now that you've been given due warning.... =-O

I would not count on the medical system ever being "finished', it's been over a year now and most items listed have remained inert in-game. ACE would need additional coders dedicated to just that task in order to get more of it working right.

evil i love you for the wiki. i can get myself around wagn but its alot tougher then wiki. and i will definitly look into the API instead.

about the medical system... ya i dont ever expect it to be done its great the way it is right now but i would just love to see what it could be. everything about ace is awsome i cant see myself playing ARMA without it. Even though you are a former member id like that thank you for your work. ACE is awsome.

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