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#88028 Posted at 2010-08-12 16:47        
Hey guys, sorry but here is a another Update! lol... [rather a quick fix]

Its my bad! I made the island and didnt try out the latest update, with the pack from MikeBart,
them trees and clutter really really made the place lag! so ive took them out! back to a normal Nicosia ONLY with BIS objects etc...

Nothing else has changed, just removed the MikeBart pack! sorry about the troubles, and thanks again...
working now on more stuff to make it much better.

Reason for removing MikeBarts objects was simply because they are in beta! my bad,
I didnt really check them on my island, and they caused sooooooo much lag!
Nothing bad to his addon, just my bad for not checking! they are not in the right state just now to add to my project!

New update: Nicosia v4.3

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