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Yea sure i'll be happy to help, first what stage are you at?

1. Are you using your own sound or a vanilla sound?
2. Do you know where to put the sound if it is a custom sound (must be in .ogg format)
3. Have you got a description.ext file in your mission folder?

- For your description.ext write what i have wrote in this link below but change to the name of your file
NOTE: I have wrote that description.ext music script for two sounds

- Make a folder called music and put your sounds in there

- Then in the editor make a trigger and go on effects then select Track, scroll down and find your track name.

- Now in the triggers settings set activation to whatever side your enemy is on, and change the size of your trigger on axis a, axis b to form a sort of perimeter around your base, when your enemy sets foot in the base the Siren should sound off :-)

- With the artillery its a bit more complicated, i will have to get back to you with that.

PM me if the trigger doesnt work or you have problems with setting it up