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#88502 Posted at 2010-08-17 18:03        
# Killer227 : I like the scars though, i just hate it how ARma made it so that almost every weapon the U.S army uses, has thermal. not that realistic to me.

Really? The only soldier regularly equiped with it is the Squad leader. The only other weapons that have it are the M110, M107, and one/two variants of the MK17. It is realistic. They use it on the Apache, almost all armored vehicles, and in rangefinders/optics. BIS did a good job in not overdoing it.

On topic: These look good. They rival other addons already made.

Armstrong-"Hey Carillo, do you see that?"
Carillo-"See what?"
Armstrong-"Something's burning over there, see the smoke?"
Carillo-"That's not smoke it's dust!"
Armstrong-"Dust? i don't get it."