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#90002 Posted at 2010-09-06 18:55        
Update is finally here.

Ive been busy these days with work, so its took longer than expected.

The update has alot of things been done, both Airports are now fully AI playable and runways are fixed to allow landing/taking off for AI. All the roads and paths
are now scripted to allow AI to use them etc...
The fields in the far south have been reworked! they have hedges now with fencing, more towns with walls and paths, yet more bushes and trees been added! and tonnes more roads etc...

Would really like feedback on the hedge rows as they are custom made by me, not in that way! ive just put a lot of crap together, made it the best to look like a hedge and put it like it looks! all the feilds ive so far worked on have been taken and worked from real satalite images! rowes, ducts, etc...

Plus More!

Link: Download Here! Beta 4.5

Thanks guys.

New Pics:

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