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#90304 Posted at 2010-09-12 00:38        
I was wondering if there is any mission makers out there willing to make a mission of an idea i have.

Its a small group of civilians (2-4) who are tired of the terrorists in their City/Village. They raise arms (pistols/civilian rifles) against said terrorists and bring them to justice.

This would probly be set in a small city, or large village area, objectives being to hunt down the terrorist cells working in the area and maybe destroy terrorist assets. Cars, trucks, ammo caches ect. kind of thing. maybe turn a peice of intel or 2 into the BLUEFOR HQ. Maybe even have a 2nd part of the mission where the terro's are out for revenge and the civilian vigilanties have to defend themselves against a superior force of militia.

If your interested send me a pm or email and we can discuss in greater detail.

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