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Edit: Newest version is v305. See below for more info.

Description: v302
A voice command profile tailor made for Arma 2/OA. Has over 700+ commands and can be used both in single player, multi player and CTI.

*Use voice commands for every AI command.
*Multiple hierarchy structure.
*Both squad/team and high command orders.
*Combo orders (modes) and similar orders to make things simpler and faster than with the keyboard.
*Improved speed from earlier versions.
*Support for Track Ir5, Group Link 4 (force move), ACRE radio and server commands.
Enjoy :)

Note: (To clarify)
-After 30 days you will need a license for the program VACbuilder if you want to continue using the profile or make your own.
-I, JojoTheSlayer, have no commercial gain in the selling of these licenses. I only provide the profile for free because I like Arma 2.


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