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#91645 Posted at 2010-10-06 20:16        
# Walter : What, addon makers who spend hours on precise modelling can't be bothered to copy and paste a notebook note?

Probably not, if you critize their work release your own addons and show them how its done.

Furthermore, there may be 10,000 addons. People only care about maybe 30 tops.

You care about 30 tops, thoussand of people care about 30 different tops, making a few toussand I would say.

And there is no reason this couldn't be from now onwards, if there are too many classlists to post. Also, I recommend using the *SPOILER* for the lists, like RH does.

Yes, I recommend that to you, get started and I sticky it. Thanks again for your ongoing and continous effort to get the classnames in a central area, awesome work!!

I'm not really asking for the moon here, so whats with the sarcasm? Hell, I would love to get started today with the few that I have.

So? Whats keeping you? Post them here and get things going.

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