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#94898 Posted at 2010-12-04 01:06        
Hello all,
I've noticed something very embarrassing since we play with OA: When you're equiped with night vision and you're aiming with a rifle scope or aiming inside a tank,the night vision disappears,and of course everything is becomming black for a few seconds.
I know that NV scope exists for some new weapons,but we don't have automatically those weapons for every missions. And I don't think tanks are equiped too..
Is this done volontary for more realism..? Do we have to remove NV when aiming in reality? Even in a tank?
Thanks for your answers if a solution exists for that.
I've noticed too some others details who are present in OA and not in Arma 2:
The reparation buildings already on map don't work in OA.
When you ask someone if he saw something,he just says"Yes I saw something". In Arma 2 he said in details what he saw.
Hope my english is not too bad :-)

PS: I've just send my new SP mission on site called: "A great return in Sahrani!"
Good game!