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#94905 Posted at 2010-12-04 03:35        
# yoyo75 : Hello and thank you for this nice map:)

I download your Map and supplementary then these addons I installed it like any addons, but when I load it in the editor is crashing the game away. I'm with patch 1.08 and I have the original game (steam).

Help me i want Play With your map:)

First id suggest patching your game to the latest 1.56 and then reading what the island requires!
Here is the download page for the island! your going to also
need to download the required addons: African Foliage. And also MBG Buildings 2. Also last but least is the Ibr Plants.

That should then fix your problems. If you are still having problems after that, then either PM IceBreakr or check out
the BIS Thread where he spends most of his time.

1st - Check The Rules! 2nd - Use The Search!