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need help please i have the steam version of arma 2 and what everybody is saying is not working like when i go to c:/program files theres no bohemia interactive instead its in c:/documents and settings/owner(usernamefor arma)/start menu/programs/bohemia interactive/arma 2. also i dont have a target line in arma 2 short cut but when i was reading the comments i found out that u just type it in launch settings. i managed to get the ace mod for arma 2 arrow head but i wanted it for arma 2. i got the ace mod by downloading the six updater but it is different from downloading a regular mod and i got the steam version of combind operations need massive help please ive been looking for weeks and theres nobody what writes or makes videos of these problems. thank u if u help me or try to help me with my arma 2 problems.

Hay Fox i have had some success with steam and can assist - but i do not like steam and would not recommend it!

Try looking at my post here