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#95350 Posted at 2010-12-17 09:11        
Config for Black Vipers(Men) is done,thanks to JakeWedding for helping me with configs.

Update -

Will be added

Mi-8(BI model)
L39-ZA(BI model)
CH-47F(BI model)
F-16 Fighting Falcon(if author will accept for use)
Vamatac(if author will accept....)

Added 6 hours 11 minutes later:

F-16 Fighting Falcon is done thanks to [GLT]Myke for permission to edit.(-WIP-)

Romanian Military Police in Afghanistan(-WIP-)

Added 2 hours 5 minutes later:

Romanian Military Police Update 1 -

Some pictures with the new updates and the FOB Viper that will be released in our mod as mission.

R. MP helping civillans, protecting the U.S ambulance etc..

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