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#96937 Posted at 2011-01-20 12:56        
Well I've followed this guide...(How to Setup an Arma Dedi Server
)I used arma_server.exe. I followed the guide excactly..
But when I done the step, where i go to users...I couldn't find the file.

Here will comtain The Arma Config and User Account profile.
In this case it look like this

C:\Games\aaserver\profile\Users\User Account
Pic Example

Now in the file called UserAccount.ArmAProfile This is were we setup the server to how we need it.
Open it with Notepad\Subpad
This is the code that needs to be added to it at the end"
Couldn't find UserAccount.ArmaProfile. Saw only my user name and something else. Not that tho.

I've set up the server.config. I've put it into my arma_server.exe propties target. But still nothing works,
Just shows up as Dell.pc pn server list. BUt my config isn't being loaded...Should be Tilyard-EVOACE.
I'm in a big mess. Lol.

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