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Very easily actually, a quick search on classnames can bring up the lot, but as I have just added a lot of them to my site i'll provide a link ;) W0lle's Infinite Genious at BI Forums and My Site. Good Luck with your editing *THUMBS UP*


That is all the OA Classnames; to add to units first put in the init:

removeAllWeapons this;

Only put "this" if the unit isnt named, if it is then like this:

removeAllWeapons randomname;
(with randomname, its exactly that any random name)

Now for adding weapons and magazines, you put this in the init:

this addWeapon "AK_74"; this addMagazine "30Rnd_545x39_AK";

where this is if the unit is named.... then add the name instead.

Also Welcome to Armaholic Wyte_Out *HI*

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