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#1 Posted at 2012-02-12 11:26        
ok this id my first post with a few crazy ideas.

1 i recon a mission on lingor in which you can roame around stay in the safe north west or go on missions around the rest of the island or symply partol searche civilians and fight enemyes crated by the combat enviroment modul and the civilian interaction module.
the plan i have so far is making limited resources avialible such as if you die you only have a few or no respawns at all equipment and vehicles do not respawn either.
also the mission i have tryed to make and faild miserably so far features a 4 man RACS squad with an engineer to defuse numerous mines a suport gunner an officer and an RTO
also a second support squad with a pilot a medic and an engineer that are suposed to be flying a helicopter or aircraft in support of the ground team, insert them and extract if necesary in addition ad to add realism they should be given missins to keep em busy such as transport GAL troops carry out medevac missins on an emergency call basis and other tasks to keep em busy and add realism as the ground tem will have 2 deal with unavailabe resources as it may be in the real world.
also the mission should include patrols by GAL and random events such as calls from governement troups for assistance hostage resques and drug raids and random IEDs i have considerd to add a 5th person to the 1stteam of a different nationalyty as a translator to make better interaction with civilians possible.
the general idea is to create a sort of tactical sanbox gta aproach to the game that givs you tasks and alows you to decide which mission to take but lets you do the planing and execution of the task given and is not leading you along waypoints. in addition u will have to do your own recon and intel gathering i beleve that this will help to encurage tactical thinking and will be fun to play for a clan with the posibility to dadd more squads especialy as the mission will not be set to end at a certain point but continue for ever and the goal should be to rack up points not winn after completing a few objectivs!
ok so much to my 1st idea please excuse my bad grama and spelling but im only just geting ust to this keyboard and im writing things dwn as they com up in my mind.

idea 2
sounds easy is probybly imposible to make it happen.
i am aware that my sugestion is mad but i want to put the idea out ther! *WRITE*
to make it short
take maps such as
ect and put them together into one large xxxxxxxxL map :-|
if anybody ever played the 1st just cause they will understand my mad idea.
the map should come with an open campain where a a team will be a PMC that will go on all sorts of operations in deserts border areas ect doing all sorts of things as contractors for all sorts of western govenrnemets.
now i know this is mad plz dont be mad at me if you think it can be don please try this by all means but since im helpless using the differnt editors my projects usualy have a tendancy to stay in my mind rather than end up in the game.
thx a lot for reading my mad ideas if u think wt im sujestinc is imposible n stupid i apologise for not being alble for giving u back the few minuts u may have spent wreading this. :-D

thx for reading plz share ure thoughts with me on this topic 8-)

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#2 Posted at 2012-02-12 12:50        
You must have missed the sticky mission request topics we have in the missions wip section.

# short_German : ok so much to my 1st idea please excuse my bad grama and spelling but im only just geting ust to this keyboard and im writing things dwn as they com up in my mind.

Ah, so with a new keyboard you can not just re-read what you just typed and corect the spelling errors and add some punctuation here and there to make your text readable?

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