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#1 Posted at 2010-04-19 19:50        
Hi everyone,

Like you know i'm Tvertne i hang around here every day also on Armaholic,
I have a little project in mind but as i'm doing this a little help would be apriciated.

So this is a promotion bullitin:

to get a team together to make a campaign, its gonna be story driven,
the only addons you would need is:

1: Community Base Addons: @CBA


3: Group Link 4: @GL4

The campaign is gonna be called:

Tears Of Chernarus

The story will be based on the movie Tears of the sun, your Main objective is to resceu the doctor but as if you find her she would not come without the refugees,
from that point you have to make a dessision like in the movie, in the game you would have also the shoice to take them with you or not on that point as you make
your choice you will alter the campaign.

The campaign is gonna be 12 missions big with a lot of voice acting cut scenes and alternative ingame music.

I'm in need of

Scripters, Game scripters for the campaigns layout and Ingame Animations & Movie angles, Voice Actors Englische Tchech Russian,

Poeple that can make there own additional music real own composed if possible

Artistic devoleper for a nice logo, i self will provide a trailer as im learning to do it and i want to learn to do the ingame cut scenes also with additional music ....

Whyle i'm at it i want to learn more about mission design as for now i only know the begin stages for animations etc the scripting on the orther hand is going bad atm ....

Contact me at my profile or email me for quistions or you can just reply in this Thread

Best of regards.

Eddit spelling foults.

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