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#1 Posted at 2010-05-19 16:43        
Hi guys i am new , well after spending a good two days susing out the editor ( mostly a refresh from years back with flashpoint) theres one thing that for the life of me i cannot work out or find a link to on the net (its guna be simple i know)
This post refers to ARMA not ARMA 2 but im guessing the functions of the editor are the same , i thought id more likely get a reply in the arma2 forum
Anyhow back to my question
Im making a mission with a special forces team that i want to get into two humvees , how do i make the humvees driveable without any pre existing crew in it , im guessing ive got to put in a syntax code but im not sure what, i want each of my squad to be able to jump in as driver, gunner, ride in back in both humvees then get out again and carry on the mission:
Your help would be graciously appreciated.

Whilst im here anyone help me with how i put my missions together into a campaign as well? also no idea how to do this but i have some kick ass missions waiting,

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#2 Posted at 2010-05-19 17:15        
Make 2 empty humwees name them car1 and car2, then make the teams, and name them all for example t1,t2,t3,t4 or something.

Now you have a team of specops soldiers and 2 empty humwees.

In each of the team members init file write in
T1 moveinXXXX car1; (Driver,gunner,cargo)
and do that for each of the members of the team.
I think that's the easy way :P

Hope that helps!

The campaign thing i dont know yet.I'd like to know that aswell tho :P


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#3 Posted at 2010-05-20 03:56        
You will find several empty vehicles under

the Category >> Empty>> Cars >> Humvee

the moveindriver command or similar commands will make your squad immediately get in to Humvee....
that is , they board the Humvee with the speed of light.:D

to make them manually (that is , realistically) run to the humvee and board it,
use the following syntax/command,

unitname assignasXXX vehiclename;

XXX can be driver/gunner Or Cargo

soldier1 assignasdriver humvee1;

but the above command only assigns the unit to the vehicle, not actually making it to board the vehicle, to make them board the vehicle, use the following syntax :

[unitname] ordergetin TRUE;

you can also put several units in there, example : [soldier1,soldier2,man1,man2] ordergetin TRUE;
by the command, the units are ordered to getin their assigned vehicles..
to make them get out, just set the TRUE to FALSE;

If you want more help just ask here....and if I am here at the time, i will try to answer