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#1 Posted at 2010-05-22 11:18        
Title: "Benchmark"
Author: "Dani S"

Hello Armaholic!

This "mission" is designed to act as a benchmark. The default benchmarks do not try different aspects of 'benchmarking' so i made this one. It is roughly 5 minutes long.

It features:
- A period before the benchmark begins for your PC to render the terrain and add to the RAM
- A high-action short movie that will make your eyes peel if not properly prepared
- Full camera usage
- Also features a processing 2 spike tests to see how your processor handles a sudden, short and intense workload increase.

This is the perfect way to adjust and optimise your detail settings

Benchmark (@)

Island Panthera
WarFX particles
NIM Dynamic weather

Note: I know BIG said I should put the above files together, but my PC was playing up and wouldn't let me :/

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