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#1 Posted at 2010-06-07 19:39        
This download comprises of a very small empty island and a Tile addon + a mission , and what it does is as follows :

About 18 month ago myself and spooner had an idea to create Dynamic terrain addon for a bit of fun just to see if it could be done, however Spooner left and i went to the PR_mod and this just gathered dust on the shelf.What i am releasing does not represent what we achieved back in Arma because i lost most of the work, so i salvaged what i could and made this little mission .

Please dont download this if you dont accept that its a simple little mission thrown together , i dont have time to really give it full supportm but i do think people like me who love messing around in Singleplayer will enjoy it.

Please do not alter and release in part or whole any code /addon that is part of this download without prior written permission via PM here from myself
Please do feel free to ask questions and change it however you like for single player and please show any videos etc here if you make one.

To play :
1 simply take the mission from the @terrtest folder and place in your mission folder.
2 place the @terrtest to your start commandline in your A2 shortcut (pls test with vanilla and terrtest first).
2a place the dbo_terrrain file in your arma directory userconfig folder
3 start Arma2 and select island Dyna , select dynamic terrain mission and start.
4 once in game pls wait 5 -8 seconds whilst you are placed in correct height.
5 Bulldozer will manipulate terrain when driving at +5mph and bucket is down
6 any round/ammo with an explosive value fired by the player (should) make an impact.
7 Pressing pageup key should also manipulate terrain
8 if you wish to make a mission , add buildings and attach them to the mypos = nearestobjects [buildingiplaced,["land_5m_maptest"],25]; buildingiplaced attachto [(mypos select 0),[0,0,2],"2,2"];
9 in refference to above the tiles have attach points from 0_0,)_1 through to 4_4 , with 2_2 being the center,
10 Have fun
11 Please remember this is just a case of me not being able to work on it for along time and thats why its such an Alpha.
12 The Download
12a user config download
13 I have not tested this with any of the betas so it may crash
14 it requires Mondkalbs Bulldozer addon to play the mission
All credit to Spooner for the code and all the fun hours messing with this thing (come back someday).


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#2 Posted at 2010-06-08 12:57        
Thanks, page added.


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#3 Posted at 2010-06-08 13:58        
Good job!


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#4 Posted at 2010-06-08 18:31        
wow! I guess it's time to start telling island creators to put their buildings 10 feet up.. :D

I really hope this goes somewhere in the future

nice and clean...

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#5 Posted at 2011-05-10 12:48        
This topic is locked. A new version which requires both Arma 2 and OA has been released and the new topic can be found here:

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