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#1 Posted at 2010-07-12 23:32        
Hi All,

After having played Arma 2 when it first came out and putting it away because it kept crashing on my system I now tried arrowhead. It runs great. I am really fond of this game and have been delving into it since June 29th :). 8 years ago I was in the army myself and it is very nice to practice tactics learned back then in such a nice simulator. I am experiencing some issues though on which I am requesting feedback / advice.

AI Behaviour

-Ammo management.
The AI seem to always be laying down suppressive fire. Especially the machine gunner is continuously firing very long burst causing him to run out of ammo very quickly. In plenty user-made scenarios I find half my squad out of ammo after the first engagement. I haven't found a way to control the volume of fire of my unit. I wan't them to fire aimed only unless I tell them to suppress. I see the suppressive fire command but it seems that suppressive fire is what they always do... I now resort to hold fire for the machine gunner now and then but there must be a better way.

-Target management.
I assume that my squad engages at will when put in "danger" mode. However, sometimes they don't seem to return fire. Then when I die and AI takes over command, he gives some target orders and they take down enemies very quickly. So I reckon that AI engages more aggressive when you assign targets which brings me to my question. When I open the target menu I only see a list of enemies with a direction. Relative to who or what is this direction?? Secondly, how am I supposed to know which of my squadmembers can engage the enemy without running trough enemy fire like a Rambo? Sometimes I assign a target in the list and he goes running of right into enemy fire to engage. The AI commander does seem to have a feel for who can engage which targets. This is especially annoying when there is a lot of vegetation and I can't see shit and need to use the menu to assign targets.

Multiplayer Experience

I have been trying different servers with different mods but to put it frankly: It sucks for me. Clearly, to enjoy online play you need to have a team with voice comms and it doesnt happen on public servers. I have been looking around on clan website but some look very dead and I don't see any recent activity on their forums. I would really enjoy online play in a serious tactical setting (not overdone) so please if anyone knows of a good community hosting private games in serious realistic setting please let me know!!

Many thanks for any feedback given.

Best Regards,